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Cleveland Sports in Columbus, and Vice Versa
January 24, 2017
A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch pointed out that last spring’s agreement between the Lake Erie Monsters and the Columbus Blue Jackets was just the latest in a series of partnerships between major league sports teams and minor league affiliates in Columbus and Cleveland. Professional sports, always a source of pride for the individual localities, are increasingly bringing the two Ohio cities together.

This may be good news for anyone who has been thinking about calling an Ohio moving company to relocate from one to the other. We know we’ve had clients in the past who have been torn between the sports culture of Cleveland and the emerging economic opportunities in Columbus. Hopefully, for people who are in the same boat, these growing partnerships will make it easier for people with careers in Columbus to indulge some of their Cleveland fandom without necessarily having to leave home.

Of course, the two cities are only about a two hour drive away from each other, so even if you’ve been in the habit of traveling for sports games in the past, these developments probably won’t send you running for a Columbus moving company. But if new opportunities present themselves or if you’ve already been in touch with an Ohio moving company but aren’t yet sure where they’re going to be taking you, this could be the thing that breaks the tie between two equally appealing Ohio cities.

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