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Downtown Columbus is No Longer a Secret
January 24, 2017
On Wednesday, the Columbus Dispatch published a brief article with a hopeful perspective on the city’s reputation in the rest of the country. As Susannah Elliott puts it, there is growing evidence that people no longer view Ohio’s capital and largest city as “Cowtown” or “flyover country.”

If you live in the area or you’ve ever considered hiring a Columbus moving company to set you up with a life in urban Ohio, you know that that reputation was never deserved, least of all in recent years. But now, in the midst of a massive downtown rejuvenation effort, that fact is no longer a secret. The national media is not only reporting on the pace of local growth, but they’re reporting on it without a tone of surprise.

Of course, that’s good news for a Columbus, OH relocation service like ours. You can bet that the newfound attention to our city’s booming, cosmopolitan development will ultimately result in a new influx of young, cultured, and professional population.

Another way to look at this is from the perspective of someone who’s been thinking of moving here in the time that Columbus has been shedding its “Cowtown reputation.” Had you called a Columbus, OH moving company the moment you had the thought, you’d have been getting in on the ground floor of one of America’s best kept urban secrets.

That might still be the case for the time being, but it won’t be for very long. If you’ve been thinking of moving here, now is the time to beat the rush.

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