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From Weekend Getaway to Lifelong Relocation
January 24, 2017
On Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a handy travel guide for Georgia residents planning a vacation in our fair city. The article gave recommendations for three ways of traveling: on a tight, medium, or relaxed budget.

But as a Columbus, Ohio moving company, we can’t help but notice that the article implied a fourth way of traveling to our area: on a fact-finding trip to decide whether to move here. The first paragraph of the write-up sounded just like a sales pitch for potential residents, mentioning trends and features that could surely keep a person occupied for a lifetime.

That’s why we’re so keen to link to the article from our blog. It could just as well be an advertisement for Columbus, Ohio relocation services. And it’s a pitch we’re certainly familiar with. We’ve mentioned some of the relevant Ohio trends on this blog before, and we will continue to highlight related businesses and attractions in the future.

So if the Journal Constitution article piqued your interest, keep this blog in your bookmarks and put our Columbus moving company in your contacts. Once you’ve visited Columbus, you may find yourself wanting to escape the heat of the south for much more than just a weekend.

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