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Plans Emerging for the Columbus North Market
January 24, 2017
Columbus Business First published an article on Wednesday regarding the potential redevelopment of the city’s North Market and its parking lot. The growing interest in the project reflects current shortcomings, but also a strong demand for real estate and investment in downtown Columbus.

It’s also the sort of thing that could send local customers rushing to a Columbus moving company to bring them into the region ahead of the redevelopment – or to take them away if the deal goes bad.

If an effective redevelopment plan is outlined in the near future, it could mean increased property values in the local neighborhood, and access to more spacious and better quality retailers and restaurants. Business First believes that redevelopment is more likely than demolition, but if the deal goes in the latter direction, it might mean a long period of adjustment for local residents – something they might not want to be around for.

As the operators of Columbus, Ohio relocation service, you can rest assured that we will be watching the news about the North Market closely. And you can feel free to contact us for advice as to whether you should consider moving in, out, or simply buying property on the expectation that a Columbus moving company will be a common sight in the area a few years from now.

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