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Efforts to Attract Young, Urban Professionals
January 24, 2017
We’re proud to be able to report that Columbus has just received some exposure in Mother Jones magazine, via an article that looks at the ways in which Midwestern cities are attempting to attract educated and professional members of the millennial generation away from more expensive locations like San Francisco and Washington, DC.

To be fair, the article makes no assumptions about magnificent, overnight change, but it does say that the attempt to brand Columbus as an inexpensive place to build a professional life is likely to boost the population to well over a million residents over the next few decades.

And behind those expectations is the fact that some millennials are indeed looking to hire a moving company right away, to get in on the ground floor of a rising tide of local investment.

Those same Columbus moving companies will be steadily busy in subsequent years, as major companies move into the area to take advantage of the labor market, thus allowing local authorities to even more effectively market Columbus to young people seeking relocation.

Being an Ohio moving company ourselves, we look forward to the continuation of this trend and its similar effects on Cleveland, Akron, and other cities of the region. And we would like to personally welcome those young people who have joined the Columbus population already, and those who will do so in the future.

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