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Tech Industry Steadily Moving into Columbus
January 24, 2017
Among various other indicators that Columbus, Ohio is rapidly growing both economically and culturally, the Columbus Dispatch has reported that it is a particularly attractive market for information technology professionals and tech entrepreneurs.

A recent ranking identified Columbus as the number one small market for tech talent, and as number 23 overall. And this seems to represent a growing trend, as Columbus moved up the ranks faster than any other market in the specific dimension of tech entrepreneurship.

Regional education is certainly one factor in this trend, but other factors are drawing in post-graduate tech professionals. Columbus is one of the most affordable cities with a vibrant tech industry, and there’s no doubt that that inspires professionals and entrepreneurs to make contact with a Columbus moving company.

And since Ohio presents such an attractive alternative to places like San Francisco, especially for millennials, this can be expected to be a driver of corporate growth, as well. With that in mind, it’s worth emphasizing that we at Road Runner Moving and Storage are well-prepared to help with both aspects of this growth.

Naturally, we can function as an ordinary Columbus, Ohio moving company for young professionals seeking to start their careers in the area. But we can also provide corporate relocations services in Columbus and other regionally developing markets, as more and more companies see the benefit of taking advantage of the talent pool that we’ve already helped to settle in the area.

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